Blender Simple Transparency

  1. TransParent png Gimp
  2. New Material
    • Check Transparency box
    • Set Alpha to 0
  3. New Texture
    • Choose file/movie
    • Influence Drop down Check Alpha
    • Set Alpha to 1

How To Program Chapter 01 – C++

Data Hierarchy – one bit – eight bits make up one byte – one byte makes and ASCII character – many character make up a word – many words make up a field- many fields make up a record – many records make up a file.

Machine language – strings of numbers

Assembly language – English like abbreviations

High-level language – single statements to accomplish significant tasks

Member Functions and Classes – class of object and how it functions

Instantiation – creating an object of specified class

Reuse – reuse any type of class when possible

Messages and member function calls – sending a message to an object to perform a function

Attributes and data members

Encapsulation – attributes and data members are encapsulated within classes

6 Phases of a C++ program – edit – pre-process – compile – link – load – execute

loading – moving the program into memory so it can be executed

Chapter 01 Self Review Exercises

1.1 a) Apple b) IBM personal computer c) programs d) cpu unit, arithmetic logic unit, memory unit, input unit, output unit, secondary storage unit e) machine, assembly, high level f) compiler g) android h) Release canidate i) accelerometer

1.2 a) integrated development environment  – editor b) pre-processor c) linker d) loader

1.3 a) information hiding b) classes c) object oriented analysis and design d) inheritance e) UML unified modeling language f) attributes

1.4 a) input unit b) program c) Assembly d) output unit e) memory unit and secondary memory unit f) arithmetic and logic unit g) central processing unit h) high-level languages i) machine language j) central processing unit

1.5 a) Java b) Objective C c) Google d) Pascal e) C++



MySQL and SQLite3 with Xampp – Quick start

  1. Open command Shell through Xampp
  2. Navigate to directory your working Xampp directory ie C:\Xampp\htdocs
  3. type sqlite3 to start Sqlite command prompt with temporary database or type sqlite3 file.db to open command prompt with an existing database file.

Quick Commands

  • .exit – exits current database
  • .schema – shows database schema (tables)

Source –

MySql Commands

mysql -u user -p // login to MySQL
show databases;
use database DatabaseName;
show grants;
show tables;
select user(); // shows current user
select user from mysql.user; // shows all users
show grants for 'daunc426anon'@'localhost'; // display grants for specified user
GRANT SELECT ON daunc426_blog.* TO 'daunc426anon'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'tester';
REVOKE SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON daunc426_blog.* FROM 'daunc426anon'@'localhost'; // revoke privileges