Simple Silicone Mold Making

Making silicone mold.

Materials : Smooth-On Mold Max 30 kit, 3/8 inch foam-core, hot glue gun, exact knife.


1. Begin measuring and cutting your foam-core to create the mold box.

2. Draw guide lines for aligning the side walls

3. Adhere proof to base of box with hot glue.  Seal proof bottom edge to foam core bottom with modeling plasticine. Remove excess modeling plasticine.

4. Tack side walls of mold box to foam core bottom with hot glue gun.

5. Continue to seal foam core side walls to base. Be generous with the hot glue and insure all cracks are sealed. Mold Max 30 will seep out of the smallest crack.

6. Mix Mold Max 30 liquid rubber and catalyst 10:1 ratio. Make sure both components are at room temperature.  Mix well, generally has a pot life of 45 minutes. Some may choose to use a vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles.

7. Be mindful of areas that may trap air bubbles on your proof. Use a paint brush to apply Mold Max 30 mixture to these areas. When you pour; start in the corner and allow the mixture to flow out and over the proof. A long slim stream will help reduce air bubbles. You may also choose to spray on a quick release agent onto your mold and proof.

8. Allow your mold to set on a level surface in a warm room temperature environment. Mold may take a couple days to set.

9. After you are confident your mold has set tear away foam core to release you mold.

10. Remove mold from proof.


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