Blender 2.64 – The Blender interface

Flip tool bar from top or bottom of editor window – right click tool bar and choose ‘Flip to Bottom / Top’

Ctrl Up Arrow – Toggle ‘Maximize’ editor window and ‘Tile Area’ editor windows

Maximize editor window – Right click toolbar of editor window and choose ‘Maximize Area’

3D Viewport

T – Open Close Object tools Panel at left side of 3D viewport

N – Open Close Object  properties panel at right side of 3D viewport

Ctrl Alt Q – Toggle quad view

Click hold middle mouse button – dolly vieport

Shift click hold middle mouse button – pan viewport

Mouse Scroll Up – Zoom in

Mouse Scroll Down – Zoom out

Numpad + (plus) –  Zoom in

Numpad – (minus)  – Zoom out

Numpad 5 – switch perspective / orthographic mode

Numpad 1 – front view

Numpad 3 – Right view

Numpad 7 – top view

Ctrl Numpad 1 – Back view

Ctrl Numpad 3 – Left view

Ctrl Numpad 7 – Bottom view

Numpad 0 – Camera view

Numpad 2, 4, 6, 8 – rotate viewport incrementally

Numpad .  – Center display on selected object

Center display on selected object – Toolbar – View -> View Selected

Numpad / – Toggle selected object local view

  • Toggle selected object local view centers display on selected object and hides everything else in the scene

Home – View extends of scene – view everything in scene

Blender Controls

G – Translate (move) object

R – Rotate Object

S – Scale Object

Shift Ctrl Alt C – Set origin

  • The origin the the small dot that represents where the center of an object should be. Translate, rotate, and scale control an object relative from the point of origin. An objects origin can be thought of as its own 0,0,0.

Shift D – Duplicate object

Delete – Delete an object

Ctrl J – Join objects

  • Shift select multiple objects and press Ctrl J to join objects  as one.  Joined objects will adopt the name of the last select object


Mesh Modeling Mode and Viewport Shading

Tab – Toggle between edit mode and object mode

Z – Toggle between wireframe viewport shading and solid viewport shading

Blender Grid, Units, Scale

3D Viewport Right Properties Panel -> Display Panel – Adjust 3D viewport grid floor

Properties Editor -> Scenes Context Button -> Units Panel – Select unit of measurement and scale

Blender XYZ Coordinates

File -> User Preference -> interface tab -> Mini Axis – Adjust size and brighness of mini axis in bottom left corner of 3D viewport

X axis – Red

Y axis – Green

Z axis – Blue

Primitive Mesh Objects

Shift C – Set 3D cursor to 0,0,0

Shift A – Add primitive mesh object to scene

Selecting Objects

Mouse Right Click – Select

Shift Mouse Right Click – Add / Remove selection

  • Last object selected is considered the ‘Active Selection’

A – Toggle select all / select none

B – Box selection

C – Circle selection

  • mouse wheel up / down to increase / decrease size of circle
  • left mouse button to select
  • middle mouse to deselect

Ctrl Left Mouse button hold and drag – Lasso selection

3D Viewport toolbar ‘Select’ menu for additional options.

Moving (translate) Objects

G – begin translation

  • Press X, Y, Z to constrain translation along respective axis
  • Shift X, Y, Z to constrain translation to respective axis’ plane
  • Hold Ctrl to restrict movement to 1 blender unit increments
  • Hold Shift to slow movement for precision

Left Click – end translation


Right Click – cancel translation

Alt G – reset translation back to 0, 0, 0

Rotating Objects

R – begin rotation

  • Press X, Y, Z to constrain rotation around respective axis
  • Hold Ctrl to restrict rotation to 5 degree  increments
  • Hold Shift to slow rotation for precision

Left Click – end rotation


Right Click – cancel rotation

Alt R – reset rotation back to 0, 0, 0

Scaling Objects

S – begin scaling object from center points

  • Press X, Y, Z to constrain scale along respective axis
  • Hold Ctrl to scale object by increments of 0.1
  • Hold Shift to slow scale for precision

Alt S – reset object scale to 1, 1, 1

Opening, saving and auto saving files

Ctrl N – Open new .blend file

Ctrl O – Open existing .blend file

Shift Ctrl S – Save file as

Ctrl S – Save file


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