Blender 2.64 – Manipulating Objects

Adding Adding Mesh Objects in Edit Mode

Tab – enter edit mode -> Shift A- add mesh to object

  • Only primitive mesh objects are available to add when in edit mode

Naming Objects

Outliner – Double left click name

3D Viewport – N – Open Object properties panel at right side of 3D viewport-> Item panel

Deleting Objects

X – delete object

Delete – delete object

Undo, Redo

Ctrl Z – undo

Shift Ctrl Z – Redo

User Preferences -> Edititing tab -> Undo: – Adjust Undo settings

Blender Layers

0 through 9 – activate respective layer

Shift 0 through 9 – activate layer in addition to already active layer

M – move object to layer

  • hold Shift to add object to multiple layers

Note : Blender will only render active layers

Global and Local Orientation

X, Y, Z – during translation, rotation or, scale to constrain to respective axis

  • X, Y, Z again – switch constraint local object axis

Center Point Object Origin

3D viewport toolbar -> Object  -> Transform -> Geometry to Origin

3D viewport toolbar -> Object  -> Transform -> Origin to Geometry

3D viewport toolbar -> Object  -> Transform ->  Origin to 3D cursor

Shift Ctrl Alt C – Set origin dialog box

T -> open 3D Viewport  Object Tools Panel  -> Origin button under Transform

  • The origin the the small dot that represents where the center of an object should be. Translate, rotate, and scale control an object relative from the point of origin. An objects origin can be thought of as its own 0,0,0.

Pivot Points

Active Element  – Object rotates around last selected object

Median Point – Objects  rotate around median of selection

Individual Origins – Objects rotate around their own individual origin

3D Cursor – Object rotates around 3D cursor

Bounding Box Center – Objects rotate around center point of bounding box of all selected objects

Outliner Editor

Left mouse – Select object in outliner

  • Icons next to object names corresond to icons in the properties context buttons in the properties editor..

The eye icon toggles an objects visiability in the 3D vieport

The pointer icon toggles the ability to select the object

The Camera icon toggles an object renderable


Numpad 0 – switch to camera view

Ctrl Alt Numpad 0 – align active camera to view

3d Viewport toolbar -> view -> Align to View -> Align active camera to view

Shift F – control camera with mouse while in camera view

  • mouse wheel up / down –  throttle forward / back zoom speed
  • mouse pointer direction – throttles camera rotate in respective direction
  • hold middle mouse button – pan and truck

Duplicating Objects

Shift D – create duplicate object in translate mode

Alt D – create duplicate linked object – duplicate objects mimic each other

3D viewport toolbar -> Object -> Duplicate Objects

3D viewport toolbar -> Object -> Duplicate Linked

Mesh Smoothing

T -> open 3D Viewport  Object Tools Panel – Shading :  Smooth /  Flat

Properties editor -> Object Data context button -> Normals panel -> Auto Smooth – Set angle

Smothing Groups

  1. Make object smooth in object tools panel
  2. Add Edge Split modifier
  3. Select Edges – Ctrl E -> Mark sharp / Clear sharp

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